Challenges of Accommodating Over 300 Personnel

Accommodating over 300 international personnel, arriving in Australia within a short time frame is a challenging task by any measure.

With all player accommodation prepared and ready for players to move in upon their arrival, selecting suitable personnel accommodation has proven challenging, yet is also well on schedule and complete.

Due to availability challenges and economics in several areas, soon, the league is moving towards building and acquiring league-owned accommodation blocks that will become a part of the NGL investment portfolio.

The league will use the housing during the season and will lease it out to the public in the off-season. Soon, this will happen in areas such as Wollongong, Gosford, and Newcastle, where accommodation availability is scarce and in areas of Sydney where it is economically beneficial for the league to source apartments and houses.

The NGL objective is to diversify its investment portfolio while delivering value to the league. The league is continuing to work on new accommodation investment opportunities while ensuring all players and personnel are catered to and provided with quality accommodation and amenities.

The league has sourced suitable accommodation for personnel, in the form of apartments and houses, depending on location. Queensland has proven to be a much easier state to source accommodation for staff than New South Wales.

The main aspects of accommodating personnel are to ensure accommodation is close to transport, practice facilities and other amenities such as retail and entertainment.